George Soros a pillar of the Democratic Party

George Soros is a man of action and will do whatever it takes to further his message and to ensure that everyone is treated equal. Following the unexpected outcome of the 2016 election, George Soros held a three-day closed door meeting with rich liberals who gave millions with the hopes of electing Hillary Clinton. Soros has been a strong advocate for criminal justice and immigration reform.

The conference was sponsored by Soros‘ funded Democracy Alliance donor club. Among those who made appearances include Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Keith Ellison. The meeting was launched by Soros has an attempt to get an early start at rebuilding the party as well as rebutting any policies that President Trump intended to put in place on day one.

Several of the sessions dealt with preparing for the 2017 and 2018 election. There was also a session on thwarting President Trump’s 100-day plan, which has called a serious threat on Obama’s achievement. The meeting also was put on, so the party could consider their approach to politics and the role of the exclusive donor club. Democracy Alliance has had a strong hand in shaping the left’s agenda.

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The Democracy Alliance based their strategy on the belief that minorities and women were becoming the “rising American electorate” which would shift elections to Democrats. Politico points out that Democracy Alliance could be seen as just a social club for wealthy donors and labor union leaders. Democracy Alliance President Gara LaMarche, acknowledged that a review was in order because of the election results.

Democrat Rep. Ellison acknowledged that the Democratic party needs to invest more time in training officials and creating policies in the state. The Democracy Alliance also held a session focusing on saving Obamacare and rethinking polling. George Soros launched the Democracy Alliance following President Bush winning the election in 2004 against Senator John Kerry. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

George Soros’ group requires each member to contribute $200,000 to a variety of groups. Members are also required to pay $30,000 in dues each year. Democracy Alliance has brought in more than $500 million for a variety of groups including Media Matters and Center for American Progress. While DA is Soros’ foundation, he rarely attends meetings but made an appearance at the special event because of the unexpected outcome of the 2016 election. Visit to know more about George Soros.

Paul Mampilly’s Unlimited Creates Waves in Research with 60,000 Subscribers

It is another feather in Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited research as the service has just hit 60, 000 subscribers, making it among the fastest growing newsletters within the investment sector. The financial expert joined Banyan Hill Publishing last year to launch Profits Unlimited for the purpose of aiding Main Street Americans to get into profitable investment opportunities. Every month Mampilly highlights a particular stock in a newsletter that he mails out to his subscribers. The eight-page newsletter updates them weekly on a stock or two within the model portfolio and then proceeds to track the progress of the investment on his site. In what is seen as moving from the traditional model between a financial advisor and his customers, Mampilly’s subscribers use their brokerage accounts to buy the stocks.

Previously, Paul Mampilly was a hedge fund manager who worked on Wall Street for 20 years, catering to clients such as Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, and ING. In 2009, he proved his expertise in the business when he converted a $50 million investment into $ 88 million for a 76% gain without opting to short the stocks. This won him the Templeton Foundation competition. He has also featured on Bloomberg, Fox Business News, and CNBC.

Paul Mampilly was born in India but moved to the United States when he was just a young man, where within a short time he was already making a name for himself on Wall Street. His career journey started in 1991 where he was a research assistant at Deutsche Bank. From that post, he rose to manage accounts for famous Bankers such as a private Swiss bank, Sears and the Bank of Scotland. Seeing his potential, the owners of Kinetics International Fund which boasts a $6 billion hedge fund took him on board where he grew the assets of the firm from $25 billion.

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In April 2012, Paul Mampilly invested in Sarepta Therapeutics when it was still a young company. He sold it after eight months for a 2,539% gain. Netflix is another of his investments that interested him in 2008 after he saw the future of television being in online streaming of videos. In 2010 he sold it for a 634% gain. Apart from the weekly newsletter Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly is also a weekly columnist at The Sovereign Investor Daily, which is a free newsletter.


Creating Memories for a Lifetime at George Street Photo and Video Services in NYC

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and what better place to create those memories that will last a lifetime than in New York City. With so many iconic places to have your wedding party photographed, you need a skilled photographer who knows all the best places to create those lasting memories.

While your photographer is at your service to help make all your dreams a reality, they can offer you many suggestions that you might not have even considered. The team at George Street Photo and Video Services can help you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Perhaps you have always wanted a picture with your partner getting in a yellow cab, maybe you want on on the Brooklyn Bridge, or perhaps you want to get the whole wedding party down to the bright lights of Broadway. Now your photographer can help to make all those dreams come true.

Securus Technologies helps rehabilitate inmates

Cell phones have wormed their way into modern life. Sometimes they have wormed their way in like a piece of computer malware. Like the malware they are being compared to, they are always present in places they are not welcome. While mobile phones are a nuisance to most people in the modern world, they are a bane of existence to corrections officers and prisons officials. Tracking down and containing these cell phones has become increasingly important to the modern correctional facility. Securus Technologies offers wireless containment solutions that prevent cell phone calls within prisons and jails, but it also wants to make mobile devices the staff controls available to prisoners. The company believes that allowing inmates to use mobile devices will help reduce contraband within facilities.

Tablets and other smart devices are used widely outside correctional environments, but they are almost completely unknown within these facilities. Securus Technologies wants to make sure that these devices are common within the facilities. It also sees an opportunity to increase its profits. While a limited number of are being provided to prisoners enrolled in educational programs for free, an additional number can be rented by prisoners.

Securus wants to change the way prisoners communicate with their friends and loved ones, and it wants to participate in inmate education and rehabilitation efforts. As part of its ongoing commitment to reform the industry, it plans on reducing the amount it charges inmates to make collect calls. The high cost of collect calls has been a major criticism of the inmate communications industry.

Bruce Levenson Aims at Elevating Higher Education

It doesn’t take much to change the world around you and that is why so many successful businessmen and women feel obliged to engage in philanthropy. Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, has turned into a philanthropic legend thanks to his focus of launching the Do Good Institute out of the University of Maryland. Levenson had been one of the best owners in the NBA, reveals; before deciding to retire from the league, sell his team, and focus on philanthropy. The Do Good Institute is an initiative that will literally change lives for the better. Let’s dig into just what exactly Levenson is aiming to do with this project.

The Do Good Institute is an umbrella name for Levenson’s goal of transforming the University of Maryland into a home of future philanthropic leaders, see: Bruce and his wife Karen donated $75 million in seed money in order to help get the initiative up and off of the ground. The state of Maryland would go on to donate $20 million in additional funding. With this money in tow the initiative was able to launch with its core program, Philanthropy 101.

The goal of the Do Good Institute is fairly simple, at least if you boil it down. The Do Good Institute claims that its mission is to cultivate a generation of nonprofit leaders that utilize the University of Maryland as a springboard campus. The initiative has seen major growth over the past couple of years with contagious optimism about the root of the program. Levenson spoke simply, “We really want to create a template that other schools could replicate. It will start to become contagious.” We expect more big things in the future from the UCG founder Bruce Levenson and the Do Good Institute and we expect many schools to latch on to the concept.

Richard Blair’s Passion of Providing the Best Retirement Advice

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a company based in Austin, Texas that provides investment advice. He founded the company with the aim of creating a significant and positive change in the lives of individuals, families, and small business owners. His focus has always been on the educational world where his passion came from his background of teaching experience.

Moreover, he witnessed how teaching helps grow confidence and knowledge from his grandmother, mother and wife who were teachers. Richard combined his experience with his financial talent to discover that he could help people in financial planning and investments.

Mr. Blair ventured into the financial service industry in 1993 after he graduated from college. He later founded Wealth Solutions, his private company in 1994, to offer the clients professional and personal advice. Since then, he has continuously advanced his experience and knowledge in the field of retirement planning.

Blair has also specialized in assisting the clients to minimize the gap between arranging for and living in the retirement plan. He achieves his goal of helping clients pursue their life vision of successful retirement by avoiding conventional drawbacks and prescribing strategies are applicable.

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has successfully built a team that is passionate about their work, dedicated to excellence, and honest with their customers. They can assist clients to steer through the ever-changing and complicated passage to retirement.

The team is committed to building strong relationships with their clients under the leadership of Mr. Blair, who serves as the Chief Investment Officer of their customers. Blair’s responsibility is to ensure that the financial concerns of the clients are handled conveniently and appropriately.

Wealth Solutions, Inc is a fully registered investment advisory company that provides personalized and comprehensive financial planning. They offer their services to various individuals, families, and small business owners residing in Austin and other places like Houston, Marble Falls, Georgetown, New Braunfels, and Bastrop.

The company’s founder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, is a registered financial advisor with relevant experience of over 20 years in the financial service industry. The firm provides dynamic and yet conservative investment solutions meant to help clients to participate in the upside while looking for ways to reduce the risks involved.

Jeremy L Goldstein Participations in the Legal Industry

People living in New York, today, enjoys a new and faster way of getting legal counsel. The New York State Bar Association trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service launched a new online portal through which clients can request for lawyers. However, the LRIS telephone service is still operational. The online portal provides a hustle free method of getting legal help. Customers are promised confidentiality and should, therefore, have the confidence to use the service.


Through this service, lawyers can extend their services to a greater number of people at lower costs. The process of acquiring an attorney through the online portal is simple and outlined below:

  • Visit the website ( Fill out a questionnaire describing the legal issue in which you require a lawyer. Additionally, give your location.
  • The survey gets reviewed, and the client gets matched with an appropriate attorney within site.
  • In a case where the client lives in one of the 17 counties with lawyer referral services, the request gets forwarded to the county bar association


  • While the referral service is free, talking to the referred counsel is charged at a fixed fee of $ 35 for the first 30 minutes. There is an exception, however, in issues relating to personal injury, social security, veterans and military law.


Jeremy L Goldstein is a lawyer based in New York. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm offers its services to compensation committees, CEOs among many others. Jeremy worked with Wachtel, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm before starting his law company. Over the years, Goldstein has taken part in many corporate transactions including the United Technology acquisition of Goodrich


Jeremy Goldstein went to Cornell University where he graduated with a degree in Arts. Later he mastered in the same at the University of Chicago. Lastly, Goldstein attained a Juris Doctor of law from New York University School of Law in 1999.

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A Look At Financial Professional Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Operating Officer for Real Property Solutions (RPS), LLC, in Baltimore, Maryland, He has had a successful career in both the private and public sectors since starting his professional career in 2001.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright earned his MBA in Business Administration from Almeda University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2016 he earned a degree in Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business.

In January 2001 Kevin Seawright started his professional career as a Managing Fiscal Officer for the city of Baltimore. In his 10 years of public service working for Baltimore he has served in a variety of positions including Payroll Director, Finance Director, and Chief Financial Officer.

From 2005 to 2011 he was the Vice President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the city where he managed over 800 employees, 200 buildings, and 500 contractors.

One of his biggest accomplishments in this role was when over a 3 year period he successfully managed over $600 million in school renovation projects.

According to, after leaving public service Kevin Seawright worked for a variety of private sector companies including Tito Contractors, Collington Episcopal Life Care Community, and Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

It was at the last company, where he was an Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, that he handled their property management and real estate strategy as well as lending his expertise in operations and finances.

AT RPS Solutions Seawright manages the company’s day-to-day activities as well as the contractors that they use. The goal of this company is to help disadvantaged people in Baltimore afford to purchase their first home.

The company constructs and renovates affordable housing both within Baltimore and its surrounding communities. As Seawright has said owning a home is one of the most important ways for most people to build their wealth.

The ultimate goal of RPS Solutions is to boost the percentage of people owning homes in Baltimore from the current rate of just under half of people owning their homes to eventually increasing that number to two-thirds of the city’s residents.

Jason Hope Develops Positive Change

Standing as a pillar of the community for his entrepreneurial ventures, generous philanthropic donations, and his outstanding go get e’m attitude that never seems to fail no matter what trials he may come to face, Jason Hope brings a new level of optimism to our universe with his futurist ways, believing that by observing the world around him he can accurately discover the route of success for the coming years and proving it with every business step he takes into creating and unveiling a better and safer tomorrow.

Read more: Jason Hope Explores Internet of Things as Newest Technology Solution for Hotels

Graduating from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and then later attending Arizona State University to accomplish yet another degree, this inspiring genius is floating up to the big leagues faster than you can say “progress” and progress is exactly what this bold man is running straight towards with open arms and an even wider open mind that has unique visionary ideas coursing through and coming into creation thanks to his gravity defying way of never giving in to negativity and always going for the gold.

Currently working with a number of fantastically qualified scientists in his fight to find a permanent cure for cancer as well as aging, Jason Hope is pushing the limits to create true progress in the whole world over with his unique stance on the world around him and his innovative ideas of how to go about causing permanent positive change in said world.

Always one to stand firm in his beliefs and push the limits to fly even when people have told him things like “it’s impossible,” Jason Hope refuses to stand still and let people be hurt, which is exactly why so much of the world looks up to him for inspiration for their future lives and over all scientific development.

Check LinkedIn and for more information about Jaosn Hope.

Madison Street Capital to offer Minority Capitalization for ARES

Madison Street Capital has been in the investing banking industry for a very long time. What started as a boutique investment outfit has grown into a nationally recognized organization with high profile clients from all over. One of the deals that they have been taking part in include a recently concluded deal where they have helped ARES settle a minority and subordinated debt investment. ARES is a security firm that is based in Vienna, Virginia. The CEO of Madison announced the deal and disclosed that it was conducted by the management team at Madison.


Reginald McGaugh stated that he was excited that he was a part of the team that had made the deal possible for ARES. He was grateful for the support he had received from Ben Eazetta, the president of the other organizations and was elated about the successful conclusion of the process. He was also happy about the fact that all the correct procedures had been followed in the completion of the deal.


Similarly, the team managing ARES was very excited about the whole process. They were elated that MCP had conducted the deal for them and feel that they have gotten the best business partner for their situation. The merger that they had been helped to get into with Corbel was a new chapter in their existence and they felt that it would help them create an equity value worth talking about. One of the things that they liked about the company was the number of contacts that it had in the business and how helpful these would be to their agenda.


ARES is a company that guards some of the most critical assets from around the world. They are involved with nuclear energy, transport services and many other businesses. They have only been in operation for the past three years and their asset base has expanded to close to a hundred million dollars. They mostly deal with lower middle market companies and specialize in preferred returns.


About Madison Street Capital reputation

This is a company that offers investment advisory services to different companies who are their clients. They have expanded to many markets in areas such as the Middle East, Africa, North and South America and Asia. The quality of their services is one of the reasons they have become a trusted partner to their entire client base. The reviews they get from their clients are evidence that they are doing the best job out there.


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