The Success of Madison Street Capital is Sealing ARES Security’s Financing Deal.

Madison Street Capital is firm that has been offering reliable investment banking solutions to its clients across the world. The company was recently engaged by the ARES Security in its minority recapitalization deal. ARES Security is a reputable company that has majored in offering state-of-the-art technology that is essential in the safeguarding treasured assets. The enterprise’s president, Ben Eazzetta, thanked the investment firm for its reliable guidance that assisted it to be successful in 2016. Reginald McGaugh of Madison Street Capital believes in the skills and experience of his company’s administrators. They did an excellent job in assisting ARES Security to partner with a reliable financing firm.


ARES Security sought for the guidance of Madison Street Capital in several transactions that it held last year. The president of the security firm thanked the investment bankers for the help that they offered in finding a dependable financial partner. Madison’s professionals strived to ensure that ARES Security developed a functional capital structure by getting a partner that is devoted to supporting its goals. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is the new funding associate of the security firm. According to ARES, the Corbel’s support will significantly help in the creation of a strong equity. The security firm will now be able to better the tactics that its uses in the selling products as well as making good use of upcoming opportunities. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is regarded as one of the most trusted equity funds, and it currently controls over $95 million.


ARES Security’s services are remarkable, and they have gained global recognition. Its main offices are located in Vienna, Virginia Atlanta. The company is considered as a leader in the provision of security risk control technology. The primary uses of its technology include offering sophisticated protection in nuclear plants, transportation, important government owned projects, and the energy sector.


Madison Street Capital’s investment banking solutions are offered globally. The main services that it has specialized in include business worth estimation, merger and acquisitions, and offering financial alternatives. The Madison Street Capital reputation is outstanding due to the principles that it used when dealing with clients and they include integrity, excellence, service, and leadership. The firm is determined to ensure that its customers access international market. It makes this possible by enlightening them on new opportunities that can facilitate their growth. Madison’s exceptional professionalism has significantly assisted it to create healthy and long-lasting relationships with clients.


Alexei Beltyukov’s Successful Career Over Time

Alexei Beltyukov is someone who is known because of his philanthropic endeavors. He takes part in charitable actions and among the things he does donating money so as to ensure that those from the disadvantaged background can enhance their education.

He is a man who believes in helping those who are in need. He does things with passion, and he loves learning even from his past background. That is why he can do anything to ensure that those who are not able to cater for their education can go through the system successfully.

Apart from being a philanthropist, he is also a known businessman and a talented entrepreneur. He has been listed on official sites such as Crunchbase because of his business skills. Alexei Beltyukov is the owner of Endemic capital; he also owns series of shops called Mechanicus, owner of New Gas Technologies and A-Ventures. He also owns more other companies.

That simply shows how he has used his talent to start enterprises and organizations hence creating employment to many people who work at his companies. He is also a well-educated man, and he was not a businessman before he started the venture. HE was s doctor who worked at a provincial hospital.

He is a native Russian who later realized that his passion was not in medicine but was in business. He worked hard because he was eager to join the business world and mingle with other great entrepreneurs. Little did he know that his talent was in business? He applied for a business school and was soon admitted beginning his lifelong career in business.

Ad Week has it that is someone who is active on social media because he knows there are many people following his advice. Alexei Beltyukov did not have lacked money to enroll in the business school, but he never gave up. Alexei Beltyukov followed a financial foundation called Lister Vickery which is an organization that was looking for people who needed money to support their education.

He got the opportunity and graduated from the school in 1997. He admits that the institution helped him and maybe he would not be successful had it not been for the organization. That is why he decided to support people who are not financially stable but are willing to learn.

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Lime Crime Offers Eye-Popping Colors For Lips And Eyes


Lime Crime is one of the hottest brands of makeup available today. Since its inception in 2008, this brand has taken the beauty industry by storm. The biggest selling point to this line of cosmetics are the innovative colors it offers for lips and eyes. Rather than staying with the traditional shades of neutrals, this company offers shades designed to make heads turn. Their eye-popping colors of canary yellow, perfect plum and deep denim blue are just a few of the variations available for the company’s lipsticks.


Not only does Lime Crime offer a variety of bold shades in their line of lipsticks, they also offer a variety of textures. Their line of Velvetine shades are available in both matte and metallic styles. The matte shades go on smooth and dry to a flawless matte finish. The metallic shades also glide on smoothly and dry with just enough sparkle to get lips noticed. Anyone interested in adding some extra pizzazz to their lips will find the glamorous glitter of this company’s diamond crushers line the perfect accessory.


Enhancing Eyes


In addition to the captivating shades available for their lipsticks, this innovative company also offers a variety of bewitching shades for their eye shadows. The grunge palette available in their Venus line of shadows contains earth tones alongside vibrant tones to create unique and individualized looks. Their new Venus 2 collection takes the shades one step further by offering colors such as olive green, ruby red and sky blue. All of the colors in the original Venus and Venus 2 collection can be used to create a variety of original and interesting makeup looks.


When founder Doe Deere decided to make a line of makeup that would shake up the beauty industry she definitely succeeded with the cutting edge colors she chose to offer. Some of Lime Crime’s most expressive shades can be seen in its line of Superfoil eye shadows. These glittering shades come in convenient duo packs to make highlighting the eye easier to do. Their malibu/convertible duo consists of a dazzling ocean blue alongside a sparkling pink rose. Eyes could be further enhanced using any one of the head turning shades of liquid liners available from this company.

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The Giants in Brazilian Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry in Brazil has grown tremendously over the years and there are now numerous real estate companies in the country. The companies provide excellent services as the industry is highly regulated on Some of the companies that have really shaped the growth and evolution of the Brazilian real estate industry include Construcap, Cyrela Brazil Realty, EcoHouse Group, Rossi Residential and J&F Investimentos among others. These companies have made great contributions to the industry at and uphold very high standards of integrity and excellence.

Construcap is one of the largest companies in the Brazilian construction industry. The company has been in operation for more than 70 years and has an excellent track record. It has consistently provided its clients with quality services and is known for its excellent work ethic. Contrucap was founded on the values of safety, integrity and excellence and incorporates these values in all their business operations and in their relations with the various stakeholders of the company.

The employees of Construcap are governed by a strict code of conduct and this keeps them disciplined and grounded in the company’s values. The company invests in their continuous training and development and strives to keep them up to date with the latest industry practices. It also provides courses on integrity and ethics at the workplace on The company provides its employees with good working conditions.

Construcap serves companies in both the public and private sectors. Their main areas of expertise on are engineering, procurement and construction, electromechanical assembly and structured projects. The company is ISO-certified and strives to make its processes sustainable to protect the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. It has completed many projects in Brazil, including schools, stadia, roads and commercial buildings among others. They always do an excellent job and strive to exceed their clients’ expectations.

By and large, Construcap has made great contributions to the construction industry in Brazil by developing more efficient and sustainable ways of carrying out various construction activities. It has also made great contributions to Brazil as a whole, thanks to its excellent buildings and infrastructure. It led in the construction of some of the historic buildings in Brazil. Construcap has set very high standards of excellence for other companies in the Brazilian construction industry.

It is Not a Matter of Whether the Fashionable New York Young Professional Should Carry the Presitigious Black Magnises Card–Created by Billy McFarland–But Rather a Must Do

Persons reading this article have seen the words flippantly used: “Must Have,” “Must Do,” and so on and so forth. However, when it comes to carrying the fashionable, trend-setting Black Magnises card–those words have meaning.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland, a Millennial himself, has created a product that most stylish young professionals are carrying, inside of the New York area. The black Magnises card is what ties one fashionable entity to another: in way of professional-level networking success.

Persons who are part of the high-finance arena, fashion industries, and technological sector are carrying the Black Magnises card. In doing so, each is gaining networking success, by building special rapports and business relationships with persons in like professions as well as individuals in complementary industries.

The black card, too, can be associated with the user’s bank or credit card, so he or she is able to easily pay for discounted purchases–which are part of the card’s total package deal.

In order to attain the card, it is merely a matter of filling out a convenient on-line application. There is a reasonable $250 annual fee, in order to attain the card. The Magnises team reviews the application. Once an application is formally approved: the individual is provided with a diverse offering of services and ways into spectacular, special events.

Persons, who have used the card have stated that they did not find any difficulty, whatsoever, in attaining entry, into the city’s best establishments. That feature alone is well worth the reasonable $250 annual price tag.

The weighty black card–it is made of heavy metal so the card holder need not worry about losing it–is presented at partnered clubs and eateries, in order to gain access and (once again) terrific discounts.

The company, too, offers the member with the home base of a penthouse location, at one of New York’s foremost hotels, where catering and open bar services are offered.

Conclusively, the professional Millennial, inside of New York, without a Magnises black card: Not an option.

Securus Technologies Bridges Inmate-Family gap during Christmas

The Securus Video Visitation program has allowed users to have a greater convenience with visiting family members in correction facilities. The video visitation program is used by scheduling an online visit. If you have someone that is at the correction facility, you can make good use of the app to realize its multiple benefits. The app saves you time that you would have otherwise traveled to correction facilities and waited in long queues. The visitation program provided by the firm allows you to schedule visits in your convenience. It evades the strict visitation programs seen in correction facilities.

Before Scheduling for a visit, visitors have to provide information about themselves. One has to give their identity and an electronic photo. The prison has a limited entry to users based on their conducts. The visitation technology has been beneficial to correction facilities by giving them the ability to record and monitor prisoner communication. Wardens take note of anything related to violence. The visitation program is a gift in the investigation setting and creates ease in long queues seen during prison visitation times. In the case of suspicious exchange of information between visitors and inmates, the recorded information can be examined. The result is that it has led to the quick identification of crimes before they happen.

Apart from the benefits of the video visitation program to correction facilities, family members have found the application relevant. Through the visitation system, members and families have had the chance to connect remotely via online visits. The visitation technology depends on one’s internet connection. Prisoner interaction is made possible through a pre-installed communication device. Visitors can use smartphones, tablets, and computers to communicate. The video visitation program has created unlimited opportunities for bonding between families. Christmas is a time of sharing. Securus Technologies has made sharing convenient with the visitation program.

The mastermind of the video visitation program is a dedicated team of professionals working with Securus Technologies. The level of expertise in the company has seen it grow to become the large provider of prison communication services in the United States. The company was founded in 1986 with its offices in Dallas, Texas. It has grown to offer emergency services, monitoring solutions and safety in prisons. The company is used by approximately 3,500 correction facilities and other private companies. Securus is one of the few companies to develop official rates that are affordable. The company offers reliable services and is represented by 140 patents.

CTRMA Discusses How it can Improve Transportation

Most of the transit discussions that take place in the Austin region focus on the city itself. However, the Williamson County Growth Summit that was held recently was an excellent opportunity to discuss the transportation challenges that are facing the suburban communities living in the city.


The meeting was attended by Mike Heiligenstein, the current executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout, Leandre Johns, the Texas External Affairs Director and several other prominent individuals in the country. A transport focused product specialist, Jared Ficklin was also present at the meeting. The special event took place at the famous Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conferences. The primary aim of the meeting was to discuss how the modern technology is transforming the transportation industry in Austin area and other parts of the world.


During the discussion, Mike Heiligenstein said that the introduction of modern technologies such as ridesharing apps and driverless cars could significantly transform the transport infrastructure in the country. He also said that the Austin region needed to invest in the transportation industry, especially in constructing better and more roads. According to Mike, this is the only way to serve the mobility demands of the large populations in the Williamson County.


Mike also said that the Williamson County had been doing an excellent job especially in structuring the infrastructure in the area in the last decade. However, more people are coming into the country, increasing the population. Building the roads in the region and expanding the capabilities if these roads will be of great help. The remaining corridors in the city should be made more efficient, smarter and technically advanced.

The great Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a prestigious independent government firm that was founded in the year 2002. The primary aim of the powerful institution is to promote the transportation system in Travis and Williamson counties. The mission of this organization is to implement multi-modal transportation and innovative solutions that will be able to reduce the congestions in the roads. The group also wants to create transportation choices that will be able to enhance the quality of life and the economy too.


Seven experienced members run the Mobility Authority. The chairman is appointed by the Governor. The Williamson and Travis county commissioners appoint three members each to represent them on the board. Mike Heiligenstein serves as the executive director of the agency, and he has transformed the industry since his appointment.

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Billionaire George Soros the Philanthropic Political Activist

George Soros is a Hungarian and among the most successful businessmen in the United States. He was born on August twelve 1930. His businesses are widely spread, and he serves as the chairman of Soros Fund Management. George Soros is on the list of top 30 richest people the world has. He has been involved in political activism fighting for good governance, and he is also in a lot of philanthropic activities. He has for a long time supported America progressive and liberal politics on Soros has contributed over eleven billion USD towards philanthropic activities. In the late 1980s and early 1980s, Soros had a very vital contribution that saw Eastern Europe transition swiftly from being a communist country to a capitalist. Soros attended London School of Economics, and he earned a bachelor of science and a master of science in philosophy in 1954.

Even at 85 years, George Soros is still active in day to day running of his family businesses. In the recently concluded United States elections Soros was actively involved and supported Hilary Clinton and democratic activities and even other candidates who were vying for different political seats. George Soros contributed twenty-five million dollars which were a very good way to show his support for Hilary Clinton at In the 2004 elections in the United States George Soros supported democratic causes by contributing twenty-seven million US dollars. George Soros is a risk taker entrepreneur and will never back off whenever an opportunity to increase his worth comes across he recently got an estimated twenty-four billion US dollars from currency trades that many investors are wary of. George has never allowed fear to hold him back an attribute that should motivate any entrepreneur. George Soros had plans to attend the first Democratic convention to watch Hilary Clinton accept the Democratic nomination, but he had to closely follow how Europe economic situation is, making him cancel the Democratic convention.

People close to George Soros said during the elections he was involved in politics than he had ever been citing it to a lot of faith he had in Hilary Clinton whom they have over twenty-five years relationship. He was also not supporting the president-elect Donald Trump who he accused of causing fear. Michael Vashon who advises George Soros on political issues said that Soros contributions in the just ended elections were exceptional though for a long time George Soros has been supporting democratic activities. He even motivated more rich political activists to contribute to Hilary Clinton campaign which was a good sign for her. Among the other activists who got motivated by George Soros contributions and gave good cash for Clinton’s campaign were Tom Steyer an environmentalist, Don Sussman a New York hedge funder and Heim Saban who runs media business. The money the rich activists contributed went a long way to help Hilary Clinton campaign successfully. Though Clinton didn’t win, the elections losing to Donald Trump. George Soros doesn’t regret he contributed to a good cause. George Soros never seems at any time to stop funding the democratic activities he didn’t want John Kerry to win in 2004 and even at that time he committed billions that saw Bush re-elected. He has numerous international foundations that he has supported for a long time. George Soros has a big heart, and his good deeds and commitment to serve and help the needy is a challenge to us to do what we can to our position to help a needy person.

Town Residential Enormous Growth in Three Years

Most New York City real estate companies are not even around for three years. It is a hard market to be in and many of the people who start in real estate do not do well. Town Residential, on the other hand, has done extremely well in the time that they have been in business.


In just three years time, Town Residential has seen a huge amount of success. They have grown from a relatively small real estate company to something that is much bigger and better. They have made sure that they are doing things the right way for their clients and this has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are able to grow as their business increases. It has also allowed them the chance to do things that are much different than what other real estate companies are doing in New York City.


The company uses several different techniques to be able to promote their business. They work with developers and with other people in the industry to show off the skills that they have. They also work to make sure that they are doing things the right way for their business by getting great partners who will help them out when they need to have different levels of promotion. It has led to them being able to have a better time of making things work within the company that they are in. It has also opened up more opportunities for them in New York City which is a hard market to be a part of.


In the past three years that they have been in business, Town Residential has opened up ten offices. The opening of their tenth office was a huge milestone and something that they worked hard for. To date, it is the biggest office that they have in the city. It is also able to serve many more people than their other offices because of the convenient location that it is in. It has been able to provide people with the real estate services that they need no matter where they are at.


When it comes to operating a great real estate company, Town Residential knows that it is important to have convenience for their clients. They want their clients to be happy and they want them to make sure that they are doing the right thing. Because of this, they have opened up offices in areas that are convenient for each of their clients. They have been able to do this because they have worked hard to make sure that their clients are in different locations and that they are right there serving them with everything that they have to offer.


Discover How To Connect With A Superior Managed Healthcare Provider

InnovaCare is spearheaded by Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA and President & Chief Executive Officer. They’re constantly making strides to improve their services. They are the managed healthcare industries leading managed physician services in North America. In fact, Penelope Kokkindes plays a key role in contributing to the improvements to a complex medical environment. Thousands of low income and elderly beneficiaries can meet their demands for managed health care. InnovaCare believes in building a strong team with effective leadership that will improve health care premiums, quality physician plans, and more. Check with your Medicare provider to see what services are available to you under your Medicare Advantage plan.

A lot of beneficiaries complain about the rising costs of prescription medication. You’re responsible for a portion of your monthly premiums under the original Medicare plan, but the government picks up the remaining costs. This causes thousands of people to go without their medication because they can’t afford the cost. InnovaCare Health works hard to keep your monthly premiums affordable. Beneficiaries also have to choose from a Medicare Part A or B pack that provides the services under their plan. You get quality services when you need it for a fraction of the premiums afforded by other health care providers.

Read more: InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions To Leadership Team

InnovaCare has added three top executives to their team in an attempt to improve their customer outreach and quality of service. This allows their network to reach thousands of people and provide services that they can use when they need it. The original Medicare plan doesn’t provide services like hospice. If you’re not sure what services are available under your plan your encouraged to contact your medical provider. InnovaCare is changing the face of managed health care with innovative technologies designed to compete with a complex health care industry, quality services, and the needs of their clients.

There are a number of services provided through the InnovaCare physician service plan that aren’t available through the original Medicare Advantage Plan on including dental and routine visual. You have a comprehensive list of services available to add to your plan. Their mission is to put the needs of their clients first. InnovaCare believes that the feedback of their beneficiaries allows them to improve the quality of their services and build their team. You’ll be able to have a trusted name to back you up when your main concern is your health and well being. Visit InnovaCare for more details today.